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INFER Workshop MONETARY POLICY, ASSET PRICES AND THE REAL ECONOMY IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE 12-13 December 2014 Timisoara – ROMANIA Jointly organized by INFER (International Network for Economic Research) and RCEM (Research Centre for Engineering and Management) ECREB (East-European Center for Research in Economics and Business)


December 12, 2014


December 13, 2014


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Infer workshop


Call for Papers


Workshop Objectives

This workshop provides an opportunity for all those interested in monetary policy, asset prices and real economy to discuss their research and to exchange ideas. Researchers are invited to submit both empirical and theoretical papers that are broadly consistent with the workshop’s special theme. The purpose of the workshop is to address the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries case, characterized by important changes in their monetary policy framework in the eve of their accession to the EMU, by the development of their financial markets and by the fluctuations of their real economy in the context of the recent financial crisis.

Topics to be discussed during the workshop, with reference to the CEE countries, might include (but are not limited to):

Monetary Policy and Asset Prices
Banking, financial structure and monetary policy transmission
Asset prices correlation, contagion and bubbles
Monetary policy and derivatives trading
Financial volatility, uncertainty, risk aversion and exchange rates
Monetary Policy and Economic Performance
The real effects of monetary stimulus
Monetary policy and unemployment
Monetary commitments and structural reforms
Money supply and business cycles
Asset Prices and Real Economic Activity
Financial innovation and risk sharing
Credit crunch, savings and economic growth
Finance, institutional reform and growth
Exchange rate and energy prices

Keynote Speakers

We are happy to welcome the following distinguished keynote speakers:
Ansgar BELKE (University of Duisburg – Essen, DIW)
Jarko FIDRMUC (Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen)
László HALPERN (Institute of Economics – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, CEPR)

Scientific Committee

Claudiu Albulescu (Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania)
Jan Babecký (Česká Národní Banka, Czech Republic)
Thierry Baudasse (LEO, University of Orléans, France)
Silviu Cerna (West University of Timisoara, Romania)
Bogdan Dima (West University of Timisoara, Romania)
Liliana Donath (West University of Timisoara, Romania)
Makram El-Shagi (Halle Institute for Economic Research, Germany)
Daniel Goyeau (CRIEF, University of Poitiers, France)
Marco Hoeberichts (Nederlandsche Bank, Netherlands)
Cordelius Ilgmann (Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany)
Grégory Levieuge (LEO, University of Orléans, France)
Alexandru Minea (CERDI, University of Auvergne, France)
Mihai Mutascu (West University of Timisoara, Romania)
Nikolay Nenovsky (CRIISEA, University of Picardie-Jules Vernes, France)
Cornel Oros (CRIEF, University of Poitiers, France)
Monica Pop-Silaghi (Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Michael Stierle (European Commission, Belgium)
Helmut Stix (Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Austria)
René Tapsoba (IMF, USA)
Kiril Tochkov (Texas Christian University, USA)
Camélia Turcu (LEO, University of Orléans, France)
Jan van Hove (H.U.Brussel and K.U.Leuven, Belgium)
Patrick Villieu (LEO, University of Orléans, France)


The workshop is jointly organized by INFER (International Network for Economic Research), RCEM (Research Centre for Engineering and Management), and ECREB (East-European Center for Research in Economics and Business).


Claudiu Albulescu (Politehnica University of Timisoara), e-mail:
Bogdan Dima (West University of Timisoara), e-mail:
Jan Van Hove (H.U.Brussel and K.U.Leuven), e-mail:
Monica Izvercianu (Politehnica University of Timisoara), e-mail:
Ovidiu Megan (West University of Timisoara), e-mail:
Alexandru Minea (University of Auvergne), e-mail:
Mihai Mutascu (West University of Timisoara), e-mail:
Matei Tamasila (Politehnica University of Timisoara), e-mail:
Camélia Turcu (University of Orléans), e-mail:

!!! The deadline for submission of full papers has been extended to October 1st, 2014.

More information can be found in the call for papers.


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