Executive Committee

Nicoleta SÎRGHI
Vice-Dean for Research, Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara, Romania. Her current research focuses on microeconomics, applied economics, game theory with applications in economics, market structures, sustainability and the economic analysis. She has presented a great number of papers in these fields in scientific journals and conference proceedings (IBIMA International Conference, WSEAS International Conference etc.). She has been participating in 4 multiannual grants, in 3 as a member and in 1 as a director. She has published in the International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos (IJBC), the Journal of Eastern Europe Research in Business and Economics (JEERBE) and in the Sustainability.


Gabriela MIRCEA
The Director of ECREB, Professor Ph.D. Habil. of Economic Informatics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara, Romania.  The main direction of the research field is related to the study of mathematical models from economy and computer science. She has conducted researches in Mathematics and Computer Sciences and has published extensively in prestigious journals. The ability to manage the research teams is proved by the tenure as project manager or as a member in numerous research projects. Also, she is a member of numerous Scientific Committees of International Conferences and a reviewer for prestigious international ISI and BDI journals. The autonomy of the research activity is reflected by the outcome materialized in 10 books, over 100 articles in ISI and BDI journals and 315 citations in ISI and BDI journals.


Ștefana Maria DIMA
ECREB Scientific Researcher 2nd level, West University of Timisoara (Romania). Her main research interests are in International Financial Reporting, Quality of Information on Capital Markets and Determinants of Economic Growth. She attended the Post-Doctoral Studies in Economics: training program for elite researchers – SPODE’ co-funded from the European Social Fund through the Development of Human Resources Operational Programme 2007-2013, organized by The Romanian Academy.
She was a Research Fellow at Università degli Studi di Trieste, Italy (2006/2007); Visiting Researcher and Professor at Dipartimento di Management, Università Ca’Foscari, Venice, Italy (2012; 2015). In addition, Mrs. DIMA was the recipient of a governmental research fellowship Borsa di ricerca e formazione post-dottorale „Nicolae Iorga” at L’Istituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica di Venezia(2015). Currently, she is a PhD Supervisor and a member of FEBA’s Doctoral School.


Associate researchers from abroad

Liliana HARDING is a senior lecturer in the School of Economics, University of East Anglia (UEA, Norwich) and an associate member of ECREB. She is currently convening the East of England Migration Research Network at the UEA and her main research interest lies in the economics of migration. Her recent work has simulated the dynamics of unemployment in an open economy with immigration, questioned the contribution of foreign workers to tax revenues in a cross-country context and contrasted rising inequality versus migration in an era of austerity. She has previously researched the way in which gradual liberalisation of labour mobility induces the redistribution of workers across EU destinations, and she has sought to establish a link between international student mobility and labour market prospects.
Liliana is also interested in developments in economics education, analysing the way in which students respond to new methods of teaching that emphasise interaction and online communication. Currently she is exploring what makes urban economies more attractive to skilled and creative workers, and she has opened an inter-disciplinary dialogue on the value of public arts and culture.

Eugen URSU is an Associate Professor at Université de Bordeaux and a member of the Research Group Theoretical and Applied Economics (GREThA). After completing the BA in Mathematics at West University of Timisoara, he graduated the Masters in Applied Mathematics and PhD in Statistics at University of Montreal. He also completed two post-doctoral fellowships at Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) in Lisbon, Portugal, and INRIA – Investor from Digital Words from Grenoble, France. He published articles in prestigious international journals, such as Journal of Time Series Analysis, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, Statistics and Probability Letters etc.


WUT Associate researchers

Laura CISMAŞ is Professor PhD in Economics, Head of the Department of Economics and Economic Modelling at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Her teaching experience with the West University of Timisoara and in the field of scientific research regarding Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Regional Economics, European Macroeconomics and European Economic Policies goes back more than 27 years. She was a Visiting Professor at Università degli Studi di Padova and at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. She has coordinated, and participated as a member of more than 12 research and grant projects, in both national and international teams. She has elaborated more than 120 scientific papers, has published 12 books and university courses in Romanian, English and Italian language and has participated to more than 100 national and international conferences. She is member of the Scientific Board and member of the Editor Board of more than 12 Romanian and international journals. As PhD Supervisor since 2008, she has guided 10 doctoral students and 5 postdoctoral students. Moreover, she is member of following professional associations, from which we mention the Regional Science Association International, the European Regional Science Association, and Romanian Association of Regional Science. Also, she is Member of the Network of the countries from the Vysegrad Group, PGV, France, etc.


Bogdan DIMA is Professor and PhD Coordinator at the The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara (Romania). He pursues research on topics related to econophysics, econometrics, capital markets and economic growth. During his academic activity, he has been the director and member of several national and international research grants. Currently he is the Head of the Doctoral School in Economics and Business Administration (FEBA, WUT).


Liliana DONATH has been professor at The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara since 2001 and PhD. supervisor since 2003. She has presented papers and published article and books in her fields of interest: Public finance, Money and banking, Behavioural finance, Higher education. During 2009-2012 was head of the institutional QA department and deputy dean for international relations during 2012-2012. During her career has conducted researches concerning the independence of the central banks, monetary stability, and agriculture for sustainable development. Within The ECREB has reviewed and has presented books and has held a series of academic conferences.


Nicolae Bogdan IANC is currently a PhD student under joint supervision (West University of Timisoara and University of Orleans). His interests lie in macroeconomics and sustainable development. His thesis is about fiscal policy in interaction with economic growth, cultural diversity and environmental issues. During 2016-2017 I worked in a research team from Polithenica Timisoara where we develop a series of articles. I have presented my work in 13 international conferences and I participated at 2 national contests in economy. Two projects achieved as a leader in national research competition brought me mobilities in France in 2017. Since January 2018 I am a fellow at the University of Economics in Bratislava given by the government of Slovak Republic. In December 2017 I was elected as Vice-President of the Organisation of PhD Students in Orleans, where we organize research days twice a year for PhD students.


Mihaela MUNTEAN is the chair of the Business Information Systems Department at the West University of Timisoara and an IT independent consultant. Starting with year 2010, professor Mihaela Muntean is acting as a Ph. D. supervisor in the field of Business Information Systems by joining the Doctoral School at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Her research activity includes topics like: Business Information Systems ( & Decision Support); Business Intelligence (& Performance Management). Approaches, systems and tools; Knowledge Management. Approaches, systems and tools; Collaborative enterprises. Collaborative systems and tools; Agile development frameworks; Information System Management. Over 70 papers in indexed reviews and conference proceedings and the involvement with success in 8 multi-annual national research grants/projects are sustaining her contributions in the research fields mentioned above.


Grațiela NOJA is an Associate Professor at the West University of Timisoara (Romania), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Marketing and International Economic Relations. Her main research and teaching activities are developed within the framework of Economics and International Business area, with a focus on World Economy, Globalization and European economic integration. Moreover, international labour migration is a keen research interest pursued by Gratiela on her main scientific papers. She completed her studies at West University of Timisoara, respectively PhD in Economics, Master in Management and European integration, BA in International Economic Relations. In addition, she was Visiting Researcher at the University of East Anglia (UEA), School of Economics and has a wide membership in various educational organisations/ research associations.


Ciprian PÂNZARU is an Associate Professor at the West University of Timisoara, Sociology Department. He coordinates disciplines such as Sociology of Migration, Labour Economics, Social Mobility and Economic Sociology. His areas of interest include agent-based modelling, computational sociology, international migration, labour market issues and population forecasting. He attended the postdoctoral program in Economics, financed from European Social Fund, studying the effect of demographic changes on social security system. He was a Visiting Researcher at the Department of Applied Economics of the Free University of Brussels (DULBEA). Currently, he is a PhD Supervisor and leads at the West University of Timisoara a Research Group on Social and Economic Complexity.


Ruxandra Ioana PITORAC  is Lecturer at the The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara (Romania). Main research interests are in the field of Macroeconomics – Cyclical Fluctuations and Macroeconomic Policies and she is teaching the following subjects: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Institutions and Economy of the European Union, Economics and European Integration. She finished her PhD, Master and BA studies at West University of Timisoara. In addition, in 2015 she completed the postdoctoral studies organized by West University of Timisoara (POSDRU 159/1.5/S/140863). As well, during her postdoctoral studies she was Visiting Researcher at Università degli Studi di Verona (Dipartimento di Science Economique; Verona; Italia in 2015), while during her PhD studies she was Visiting Researcher at Université Lille (Faculté des Science Économiques et Sociales, Lille, France, in 2012).


Mirela-Catrinel VOICU received her PhD in 2001 from the University of Timisoara, Romania (with the “Cum laude” distinction) and from the University of Paris 13, France (with the “Très honorable avec félicitations” distinction). Since 2014 is a teacher member at Oracle Academy (Java Fundamentals, Java Foundation, Java Programming, Database Programming with SQL, PL/SQL, DB foundation, Database Design). She attended the courses Online Marketing Academy by Google, Timisoara, Romania, 2013/2014 Mrs. Elena Dobre classroom and she obtained in 2014 the certification for AdWords Fundamentals and Display Advertising. She attended in 2016 the courses MongoDB for Java Developers and MongoDB for DBAs provided by MongoDB University. Currently, she is a Professor at the Department of Economic Informatics, within the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara, Romania, where, since 1995, she has held several academic positions. Her activity includes Programming and Internet Programming, Informatics in Economy, Databases, OOP, Data structures, Online Learning, Mobile Business. She has 93 papers in conference proceedings or refereed journals (from these papers, 37 have been presented or published abroad). She has published 9 books (1 book in France, 2 book in Germany and 6 books in Romania). She is a reviewer and a member in international program committee of various conferences from abroad, member in the teams of 10 research projects (two of which are international) and project manager for one research project.


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